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In 2016 The Baby Summit is bringing together over 25+ award winning and internationally recognised maternity and baby photographers for a unique three day conference at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis, America on 1, 2 and 3 October to help you learn, grow, achieve and succeed!

How this schedule works?

To ensure your experience at The Baby Summit is enriching one we run demonstrations and keynote session blocks in parallel.

What this means for you? When registering you select one session to attend at 11am-12:30pm, 1:30pm - 3pm and 3:30pm - 5:00pm;

  • All sessions before morning tea on each day of the summit is available to everyone
  • The final keynote on day 3 is available to everyone
  • Green sessions are demonstrations - you can select 4 of these to attend

The Baby Summit social events

Join us and your peers for some great networking opportunities at the following social events hosted during The Baby Summit.*

  • Welcome event from 6:30pm on Friday 30 September
  • Forum Drinks from 5:30pm on Saturday 1 October
  • Cocktail Party from 7pm on Sunday 2 October

* Social events are included in your ticket to The Baby Summit.

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Day 1
Saturday, October 1 2016

9amOpening address
9:30amBambi Cantrell
10:30-11amMorning Tea in the Tradeshow
11amAmy McDaniel
Newborn photography demonstration - Finding your style
11amSteph Robin
Newborn safety demonstration
11amHeidi Hope
Finding your magic in studio baby photography
11amSue Bryce
Maternity photography lighting demonstration
11amRocco Ancora
Understanding Color Management
11amRachel Brenke
Legal and business ropes for photographers
11amLeilani Rogers and Natasha Hance
Birth keynote - "The on-call life"
12:30-1:30pmLunch Break in the  Tradeshow 
1:30pmBrittany Woodall
Simplified theory on lighting newborn photography demonstration
1:30pmNicole Smith
Newborn Photography Demonstration - Shooting from the darkside
1:30pmAlli Peck
Maternity lighting and posing demonstration
1:30pmRobin Long
Natural newborn demonstration
1:30pmJenna Shouldice
Theory of photographing a birth
1:30pmSally Sargood
Using video in your business
1:30pmErin Elizabeth Hoskins
Business keynote - "But who are you?"
3:00-3:30pmAfternoon Tea in the Tradeshow
3:30pmCaralee Case and Jennifer Nace
Newborn Photography Demonstration
3:30pmLuisa Dunn
Newborn Photography Demonstration - Getting creative off the beanbag
3:30pmAna Brandt
Transitional pregnancy posing demonstration
3:30pmSteve Saporito
Business Keynote “I’m A Photographer, Now What?”
3:30pmKelly Brown
The secrets to building a six-figure business
3:30pmVictoria Daniels Berekmeri
The true power of birth photography
3:30pmRocco Ancora
The art of post production
5:00pmEnd of day 1


Day 2
Sunday, October 2 2016

8amKelly Brown
Newborn photography in 1 hour
9:30amKate Christie
Time Management
10:30-11amMorning Tea in the Tradeshow
11amErin Elizabeth Hoskins
Newborn photography posing demonstration
11amSteph Robin
Newborn safety demonstration
11amAna Brandt
Transitional pregnancy photography demonstration
11amRuss Jackson
Simplifying flash for newborn photography demonstration
11amSue Bryce
11amLeilani Rogers and Natasha Hance
Birth keynote - "The on-call life"
11amSteve Saporito
Business keynote - "In person sales"
12:30-1:30pmLunch Break in the  Tradeshow 
1:30pmLuisa Dunn
Newborn photography demonstration - Getting creative off the beanbag 
1:30pmTwig & Olive 
Posing with parents - Newborn demonstration
1:30pmNicole Smith
Newborn photography demonstration - Shooting from the darkside
1:30pmJenna Shouldice
Practical aspects of shooting birth
1:30pmRocco Ancora
The art of post production
1:30pmSally Sargood
Using video in your business
1:30pmKristen Cook
Perfection of imperfection
3:00-3:30pmAfternoon Tea in the Tradeshow
3:30pmKelly Brown
Studio newborn photography posing demonstration
3:30pmKristen Mackey
Newborn Photography Demonstration - Photographing for your clients
3:30pmAlli Peck
Maternity lighting and posing demonstration
3:30pmVictoria Daniels Berekmeri
The true power of birth photography
3:30pmDerek Clapham
Demystifying the web for photographers
3:30pmRachel Brenke
Legal and business ropes for photographers
3:30pmBambi Cantrell
From brides to babies
5:00pmEnd of day 2


Day 3
Monday, October 3 2016

9:30amCraig Heinemann
Accounting for photographers
10:30-11amMorning Tea in the Tradeshow
11amRobin Long
Natural newborn photography demonstration
11amCaralee Case and Jennifer Nace
Baby photography demonstration
11amNatasha Hance
Birth photography demonstration
11amAmy McDaniel
Newborn photography demonstration - Finding your style
11amSteve Saporito
Business keynote - Why clients don't book
11amKristen Mackey
Post production
11amTwig & Olive
Marketing and branding / Print and production
12:30-1:30pmLunch Break in the  Tradeshow 
1:30pmRuss Jackson
Simplifying flash for newborn photography demonstration
1:30pmBrittany Woodall
Simplified theory on lighting newborns demonstration
1:30pmHeidi Hope
Finding your magic in the studio - baby photography demonstration
1:30pmLeilani Rogers
Storytelling in birth photography demonstration
1:30pmRocco Ancora
Understanding color management
1:30pmDerek Clapham
Demistifying the web for photographers
1:30pmKristen Cook
How to sell as an introvert
3:00-3:30pmAfternoon Tea in the Tradeshow


Wraps up at 5:00pm

Sue Bryce
Final keynote


Ready to transform your photography? Join The Baby Summit in 2016 to gain privileged insight from some of the world's best maternity baby photographers

One-off-payment: $890 USD
Instalments: $317 x 3 payments = $951 USD

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    • - Hi Tiffany, The event is designed for all levels of experience and we have made sure that there are classes covering everything you will need to either start a successful business or that it to the next level. Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you there. Cheers GarrettReplyCancel

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    • The Baby Summit - Hi Tori,  With the Classes being 90mins long there isn’t really enough time to get in and take photos.  Demonstration classes will be with live models and tethered so you can see all the action. ReplyCancel

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    • The Baby Summit - Hi Danielle, there aren’t really any opportunities to photograph during the sessions, but you are of course welcome to bring your camera with you if you wish.ReplyCancel

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