I signed up for the baby summit with no idea about what to expect and without knowing a single person attending. I left after 3 days, with a to-do list longer than my arm (& my arms are pretty long), loads of new friends, inspiration from the most amazing and awe-inspiring speakers, and some amazing knowledge of “how to run a business”, a new found belief in what I do, why I do it and the value of that, and some wonderful new directions for my business.
– Bree Hulme


An incredible weekend filled with inspirational speakers, too good to miss. A turning point for my business.
– Roz Case


The Baby Summit is a MUST go to! It was a collection of the best speakers in their field, a chance to meet other amazing photographers and immerse yourself in your passion. I left feeling inspired, motivated and confident to make positive changes to my business and made a heap of new friends in the process.

Do it for your business and for yourself, you won’t regret it!
– Bron Arnold-Briggs


The best maternity and newborn photography conference in the industry. Perfect for beginners to seasoned professionals. The huge range of talented presenters means that everyone with different needs has been catered for. One of the best 3 days of my life. Thank you so much Kelly, Rob and Garrett.
– Erin Willey


I had an awesome time at The Baby Summit on the Gold Coast! I learnt so much and had so many ‘aha’ moments while listening to some of the best of the best photographers!!!! Soooo amazing!!! I can’t wait for next year!! Danielle Ramage
I would absolutely recommend “The Baby Summit” to all Photographers. The classes and workshops are not just for entry level photographers. The topic coverage was really great, so there was something for everyone. I have come home feeling refreshed, inspired and motivated. I will defiantly be at the next summit. Thanks Team.
– Gina Brumby NZ


The Baby Summit was a great opportunity to network with other photographers and learn more about myself, my business and my way forward. I walked away with many things that I intend to implement in my business that will help it continue to grow and blossom. There is a great need for a conference such as this and I look forward to attending again in years to come.
– Selena Rollason


To me The Baby Summit was the perfect balance of meeting like minded photographers (the speakers and attendees!) all working towards a common goal of being the best version of themselves they can be, which was incredibly inspiring. The business classes were exactly what I needed to get my head around what I need to do to push my business to the next level, in a way that gets the balance back!
– Jasmine Banks


LOVED everything about the Baby Summit. Learning from some of the worlds best photographers was an amazing experience. I came away feeling inspired and motivated to be a better photographer. I am hoping to put into practice what I learnt at the summit. The speakers were world class.

I also learnt things about myself. So was a great investment on both a professional and personal level.

Thank you for putting on an incredible event. See you next year!!!

– Leanne Moon


Overall an inspirational, fun and incredibly informative event with which I can honestly say that I made friends for life from. Those involved in organising the baby summit are such easy going people that I and so many others found to be very approachable and so the speakers as well. CANNOT wait for the next one xx
– Raelene Humphrey


I came to the baby summit by myself not really knowing what to expect. I walked away with a new lease on my business and confidence to do it.
– Renee Wood


Thank you for taking the time to initiate something so valuable to our industry, your an amazing team, I can’t imagine how much bigger and better this is going to get in coming years- well done! Not only was I inspired by the best newborn photographers in the world I was also touched by the support of a husband to help his wife achieve her dreams, not to mention an amazing best friend who seems equally supportive, your a luck lady Kelley.
– Nikki Hawkins


When I purchased my ticket for the baby summit I was expecting to learn about all things maternity and newborn. What I wasn’t expecting was the personal transformation that occurred. Sue Bryce’s keynote on the first day literally bought me to tears. I felt like she was speaking straight to my heart and I knew that I had to embrace the entire experience for everything it had to offer. 4 days away from the family had to count for something and I was going to make the most of it. It was truly an experience of a lifetime and I’m so thankful to have been a part of the first Baby Summit. The organisers did an outstanding job and should be congratulated on a wonderful event. The venue was amazing, food was divine and I’ve already blocked out the dates for next year… can’t wait!!
– Kristie Dutson


The Baby Summit 2015 was AMAZING!! I loved embracing the opportunity to meet and chat with fellow colleagues from around the country. It was awesome to put a face and personality to an online presence and I think that is really important in our industry which can be isolating at times. I enjoyed being able to listen and engage with inspiring business women who are doing exactly what I want to be doing in the future. Its very encouraging and makes me realise that its also achievable for us all.
– Shannon Harth


I loved every part of the baby Summit. The learning experiences, the connections with other like minded people, the affirmation that I’m doing things right. It was an amazing weekend, filled with opportunity. I came away from the summit with a clear vision of what I wanted for myself, and for my business. I was fully prepared for this, with tools and strategies that I had learnt over the course of the weekend, and the resources that are still available to the attendees. I will definitely be attending the next one and I am already looking forward to it!
– Sharon Petito


I was so completely honoured to be able to attend such a phenomenal event. I have no words to explain how much it meant to me to be a part of The Baby Summit. The speakers were life changing, the attendees were all so warm and lovely, the venue was great, and this once in a life time event has made me grow and change in ways I never imagined possible.
– Amanda Cowan


Life changing event!

New ideas, New friends, New direction, New me. Thank you Baby Summit! renee archer
The Baby Summit is a wonderful experience for both emerging and seasons photographers. The presentations are both educational and insightful and the networking and friendships you will make are just as fantastic. I would love to attend again next year.
– Courtney Miller


I was at a point in my business where things were getting a little comfortable and I needed something to give me a boost to take things to another level. When I found out about the Baby Summit I booked straight away hoping it was just the thing I needed. I came away from the Baby Summit feeling refreshed and truly inspired by all that I had learned from the amazing speakers. I think I (and my business) need this every year.
– Peta Nikel


My experience at the baby summit was empowering not just as a photographer but as a woman and business person also. I walked away a far richer person from this event than what I areived. I made a few lifelong friends and some lifelong lessons that I will hold onto throughout my business years. Just an amazing event that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone interested in the industry.
– Ashleigh Bateman


As a photographer but just emerging into the baby genre i found the baby summit an absolutely priceless investment, professionally & personally. i will be forever grateful for where this has taken my business, thank you thank you thank you!
– Angie Elbro


Leading up to the Summit I had lost my focus own myself, my photography, and my business. All I wanted was to walk away with a reignited passion…. boy did I get more than what I asked for! Connection, collaboration, friendship, passion, self worth, desire….. and a massive kick up the butt!! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!!
– Lauren S, Melbourne


The Baby Summit literally did change my life. I was challenged on personal and business levels, met incredibly strong and passionate and well spoken people, and emerged invigorated and motivated to make changes in my business and in my own daily life.

(It was like a big evangelical event for Baby Photographers.)
– Emily Black


The Baby Summit was amazing. I never expected this event to light such a fire inside me. I have come home completely changed and rejuvenated. I am pumped and more excited than ever to start implementing all the stuff I have learnt into my little business 🙂
– Kerrie Selby-Adams


The Baby Summit…WOW where do I start! I was a bit unsure of travelling and being so far away from my family, but it definitely was one of the best learning experiences for not only my business but also my life. I came to learn but what I have come away with is a new definition for life, self worth and self value and that I can do this. All speakers were welcoming and knowledgeable, the venue was fantastic, the vendors were awesome. All up it was a fantastic experience and I’ll be back for more next year!
– Nellie Ireland


Fantastically awesome event that has completely changed my perspective on my business, and my life. Informative speakers and vendors that could relate to our needs as photographers and then address them . Completely blown away by the supportive community of photographers that attended and the beautiful lifelong friends I have made. I am still on a high over a week later. Cant wait for next year 🙂
– Anne Cooper


I know I am not the first, nor will I be the last to thank Kelly Brown, Rob, Garrett (and I’m sure so many others behind the scenes) PROFUSELY for organising this event.

I expected to grow and learn from this experience and to meet likeminded photographers. I expected to hear inspirational speakers and see first hand demonstrations. I expected to come out of this empowered with knowledge to grow my business.

I NEVER expected to be blown away. Like BOOM! Never in my wildest dreams did I know what this summit would change inside me, bring me to tears (thanks ever so much Sue) and leave with the burning desire to not only be a GREAT photographer but a better person.

I know now that it is inside me to be successful. I always knew that I this was what I wanted to do, but now it is something I MUST do, there is no other option.

From the bottom of my heart I am so very thankful to have had this opportunity.
– Lisa Ting


The Baby Summit was undoubtedly the most valuable learning curve in my photography career.

At a more ‘mature’ age (having been a nurse/ex midwife) I had a career change into photography. I think I was the oldest attendee there!!

I came to the Summit being reaonably successful on the photography side, but hopeless at valuing myself (not charging enough) and getting bogged down on the business side.

I came away not only inspired with new creative ideas but also with many tools to really turn my business around. I gained a sense of confidence and a ‘can do’ attitude over the three days which had not left me since.

I just loved how Kelly and her team were so down to earth; real people who gave of themselves and genuinely wanted to help everyone.

Any baby photographer however new, or not so new, to this genre of photography, needs to be here next year!
– Kerry Beer


The Baby Summit was a fabulous three day event. Being it’s first time I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I do know that it blew all expectations out the water. Kelly and her team put the icing on every piece of the event. It was run to perfection with grace, glamour and professionalism and is a true reflection of their hard work, dedication and just pure lovely people that they are. Not only did the event re-inforce my own goals (that I want to continue in this industry, particularly this genre of newborn photography), it gave people (and me) courage to take a leap, go outside their comfort zone and strive to reach dreams.

I do ok in my little bubble but I still managed to learn so much about myself and business. Not to mention meeting some really fabulous people and new friends. It’s inspired me to continue to drive myself towards my goals and get outside my bubble ……go forth and conquer….see you in 2016 Melissa Alagich
Honestly the best conference I have attended…inspirational speakers, great business advice, lots of laughter and just a few tears. The Baby Summit was a wonderful experience, thankyou x
– Caroline Bowen


The baby Summit.. What can i say? Three days of listening to amazing leaders in the Photography world. From start to finish i was on an emotional roller coaster from crying one minute to laughing the next. Such an inspiring event and it totally changed my way of thinking. I can’t wait to implement everything I learnt in my business and life. After the three days we have had ongoing advice and encouragement. Cant wait for 2016.
– Kirsty Sanderson


The Baby Summit 2015

A 3 day event that will change your life! If you only ever do one thing in your photography career let this be it. The information that you will gain from the amazing speakers is invaluable and passion that is at this event will make you love your job so much more.
– Sam Rummans


Kelly, Rob & Garrett …. what an amazing event you should all be so proud of hosting a fun, professional, enlightening, inspiring & mind blowing experience …. well done to you all! Not only have a learnt a stack of new stuff but made some new friendships, been inspired & can’t wait to attend next year! Thank you! Yep, I have #postsummitblues June Warry
I started out being a little embarrassed to admit that I am still only portfolio building and have not yet established my career as a photographer. That feeling disappeared before morning tea on Day 1. I am still amazed at how welcomed and supported I felt in the midst of the new friends I made, a sentiment so encouraged by Kelly Brown. I expected to learn about photographing babies, I came away with so much more.
– Sharalynne Allsopp


The Baby Summit was such an amazing experience! I am so glad I signed up as I walked away with so much valuable information and inspiration!
– Kassie Harris


If you want to take yourself seriously as a newborn photographer then get yourself down to the Baby Summit. The speakers were incredibly generous with their information and time and the whole event was first class. Not only did it detail some of the best speakers in the industry but also need to know information on insurance, health and business. On top of all that the networking and friends I have made from this event will never be forgotten. I can’t wait till next year.
– Sami Gale


The 2015 Baby Summit was truly a must do event for me as a newborn photographer. The venue, classes, events and trade show were outstanding. Every aspect of this event was catered for perfectly and ran like clockwork. It was so much fun and a really rewarding experience that I would recommend to anyone at any level of experience within this amazing industry.
– Verity Sparrow


I will never have the words to express my gratitude for what I walked away with from the Baby Summit. I came away with not only a wealth of knowledge that I can implement into my business, but I also walked away feeling stronger, more confident person, wife and mother. I walked away with new friends that will last a lifetime. I am so grateful and so ready for The Baby Summit 2016! Bring it on!
– Casey Wood


To The Baby Summit 2015, Thank You!!!!

Thank you for the wonderful awe inspiring speakers and their challenging thoughts on the industry and on a personal level.

Thank you to the attendees for a cracker of a time, your sense of comradery, for not judging, for sharing and most of all for being open to any and all possibilities.

Thank You to Kelly and your wonderful family for making me feel welcome, felt like my home away from home.

Thank you for making me wake up, define, determine and RUN!!!!

This experience has been like no other in my life, this has not just been about photography, posing, textures, wrapping, lighting and gear. This has been about sooooo much more. I look forward to the future, I run to my goals including my BHAG’s and I leave behind the scared, whinging, excuse driven person and business owner drowning. I now emerge as me, Hi I am Natalie, I’m newborn photographer, my passions are babies, nursing mums and doting dads, who would you like to be photographed with?
– Natalie Rachlewicz


What a great investment to my inner business woman the Baby Summit has been! This conference has really ignitied my drive to make my business succeed, I somehow feel I now have clarity on what I need to do to make that happen. Thank you guys!!
– Sarah Addison


The Baby Summit 2015 was definitely an awesome weekend to remember…

I can’t come to the conclusion if it was the #BabySummit or the #Networking that was the best…

Obviously, if it wasn’t for the Baby Summit, then i wouldn’t of met so many new friends and had such a great weekend away.

So many awesome speakers, mentors, friends & fun all in the one place…

Bring on #theBabySummit2016
– Peta Eyeington


I went to the The Baby Summit in order to learn from the experienced birth photography speakers. They were both great speakers and answered the many questions we all had. The practical session was well done too. But what I also took home from this event was a spark, just a small spark, enough to restart my engine and dive headfirst into my business with more passion and love for what I do. We have the best jobs, we are creators, we are inspiring, but we also need that inspiration as well. Congrats on the inaugural baby summit, I will be returning!
– Shaz Spannenburg


I had no idea what to expect and I don’t think anyone did. I never thought in my wildest dreams that the event would have had such a massive impact on my way of thinking! It’s not just about photography, it’s about being a professional photographer of the highest standard!! And that incudes so much more than taking photographs! And that also incudes an amazing network of likeminded people who have the same passion!
– Tanya Minotti


Without exaggeration, attending the Baby Summit was one of the best things I ever did, both for my professional life and even my personal one. I gained so much knowledge, jam packed into 3 crazy days!!! I learnt about so many areas of my industry, and also gained some motivation and inspiration! I loved prop shopping and talking to vendors, the food was amazing and I made some beautiful new friends from all around Australia. My mind is still buzzing weeks later, and I finally feel excited again about where my photography can take me. You guys all changed my life!!!!!!
– Rachael Wilson


There aren’t enough words to say THANK YOU to Kelly and the whole team for putting together an absolutely spectacular learning event!!

The Baby Summit was more than just listening to world class photographers and business people teaching us heaps of great things to help us on our way in the business… it was an amazing networking and friend making tool which can have a huge impact on our journey and can help us to grow and learn even more as we go!

This was the BEST thing I could have possibly done for myself, my art and my business and I hope to be able to attend every single year!
– Jade Goodwin


As a stay at home mum and newborn photographer, I was a little scared and intimidated about going to the summit, I’m a nervous nelly so I wasn’t really sure if I should go… was I good enough to attend? was I worthy of a place in such an amazing opportunity?

I’m sooo sooo happy I did, it not only cemented the things I was already doing as correct, I learnt a lot of new neat tricks that I had no idea of ‘how do they do that!?’ and the business side of it I really struggled before, now I’m confident, excited and ready!.

I found my little something that I could really relate to, finally something else to talk about then my children haha. I was able to connect with people that I had only had friendships with over facebook.

I had the opportunity to be a part of something that was bigger then my wildest dreams. AND I DID IT! I would LOVE to attend every year!
– Kareena Spall


The first ever Baby Summit was such an amazing idea, but in practice was more then we could have ever imagined. Every speaker gave a piece of themselves to the most willing audience I have ever been a part of. Love, compassion, understanding, skills and knowledge were on display every minute of the three day event. I have walked away with not only new skills that will help me grow my self and my business, but also new friends and a network of amazing people all working towards a goal of raising the industry and making Baby Photography something to be proud of.
– Kylie Williams


Attending the Baby Summit this year was by far the best business decision I have ever made.

I knew I would learn something but what I walked away with was so much more! The speakers were will to share and teach and share heir “secrets” well beyond what I imagined. The trades were full of people who genuinely wanted you and your business to succeed. The friends I made I know will last and lifetime. Kelly and her team put in EVERY effort to make the weekend a success and they achieved that, plus more.

It is difficult to find to words to express how be grateful I will always be for the opportunity to attend the 2015 Summit.
– Elle Goss


A snip from my blog post:

Arriving the 1st morning, the atmosphere was buzzing, people were excited, friendly, welcoming and chatty. By the end of the day I had met so many new photographers! I had dinner with people from the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and even all the way from Dubai. The 2nd morning, I felt warm and fuzzy to receive a message from a new friend saying she’d saved me a seat “2nd row in the middle”.

– Amanda Keats


The Baby Summit is an incredible experience, that I loved every single moment of it. We are in an industry that is fairly secluded, we generally work by ourselves. Getting to stay with girls from interstate and bounce ideas off each other until all hours of the morning was fabulous. Fully taking in what we all learned throughout the day. At the beginning of July, I purchased my first home. I started my business when I was 17, and this is a very huge step for me, and the Baby Summit was exactly what I needed to hear to make sure I am 100% organised and have my business being as successful as it can possibly be. I have stopped shooting the things I don’t want to shoot, and proud to say that I am 100% a Newborn and Wedding Photographer. No more families for me. Thank you for creating this amazing event. It may well change my life, and I am doing everything I possibly can to make sure that it’s in the budget for 2016.
– Lucy Crafter


I registered for The Baby Summit not really knowing what I was going to be attending. I just trusted that because Kelly Brown was hosting that it would be done well and would be worth attending. What I didn’t expect was that I would all away from it a different photographer, friend, mum, wife and person. Doing something for “me” is not something I do nearly often enough and I didn’t waste a second. I absorbed every piece of information that came my way – which is great and all – but something happened during Kristen Cook’s talk that I can’t even explain. All this “stuff” swirling around just disappeared and I walked away with a clarity and love again for what i do as a career and I had to sneak downstairs and locked myself in a loo and cried like a baby! Embarrassing but true. I was happy but I didn’t realise how much negativity and uncertainty I had been holding on to.

Thank you So much to EVERYONE. I still didn’t get the nerve to come up and say hello and to thank Kelly but I will be there in 2016 to do just that. Thank you. Sincerely!
– Emily King


The Baby Summit was the most amazing, inspiring, emotional 5 days I have had in a long time and I cannot wait to hit the ground running with a whole new plan of action, both within my business and my personal life.

I came home with the coolest new prop collection for tiny little humans, I met so many amazing photographers & prop vendors, the speakers were incredibly inspiring, tear jerking and hilarious all at once. I laughed, I cried, I got a new jumper…it was just an amazing 5 days! I want to shout it to the world how excited I am for my future. The very idea that it will be repeated in 2016 has boosted me even more since coming home. I can’t get enough of the knowledge.

I have to say, Kelly, Rob and Garrett are 3 incredible human beings, putting this type of event together in one short little year, there is nothing like it and anyone who wants to connect with other likeminded photographer, catch up with wonderful friends, learn new everything and become a better version of themselves, should absolutely without a single doubt attend The Baby Summit in 2016!
– Tiffany Selzer


I was pretty much on the road to giving up on my business and my dream prior to The Baby Summit. Those 3 days were life changing for me, The baby summit was way more than just a photography or even a business conference, it was about how to live your life as well. I left the baby summit with a full heart,I feel refreshed and inspired, I got to catch up with old friends and make new ones. And best of all my direction is clearer and the “me” in my business has been affirmed. I no longer want to give up, I want to give it my all. Watch out world, here I come!
– Rana Rankin


I am so grateful for the opportunity to go as many have said it truly was life changing. I know I am on the right track, I know what areas of my business need my attention, I now know I can do things my way and don’t have to go with the cookie cutter newborn photographer business. I am so motivated and excited! THANK YOU!!
– Emily Laughlan


I am so glad I took a risk and bought my ‘golden’ ticket, as it was a lot of money. Not only did I get to watch and learn from my ‘idols’ but I learnt so much about running a business. It also gave me to boost ‘kick up the bum’ and confidence to take my business to the next level. I know that I will now be able to earn that money back and then some. Thank you for changing my business for the better.
– Naomi Bassham


Before the summit I was burnt out, overworked, uninspired and loving maternity leave just a little bit too much. I made a last minute decision to head to the summit and I cannot tell you how glad I am that I took the plunge with my little 6 month old in tow. It was the kick-up-the-butt, lightbulb moment-loaded, mojo-finding, inspirational boost that I so badly needed. I returned from my 3 days totally pumped, knowing exactly HOW I want to shoot, with all the tools to do so and am SUPER excited to get cracking. I can’t thank you enough Kelly, Rob, Garrett and your dream team of helpers, vendors, mentors and all-round-wonderful peeps for the most amazing 3 days at the Baby Summit. Gosh it feels good to be excited about photography again. I can’t wait to see what a fabulous effect all this learning has on my business. Bring on the next one! x
– Jodie Knell


Most amazing event I have ever attended. Just so well thought out, organized and pulled off. Brilliant speakers and so many new friends made!! Can not wait for next year!!
– Michelle Natoli

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