marryIt is so great to have this lovely lady join us this year in Australia with her approach to birth photography all the way from the Netherlands.

Marry Fermont started her birth photography business Fermont Fotografie in February 2011, as the first birth photographer in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. Marry studied midwifery when she came up with the idea. Within 3 years she had a blooming business and had a job that she loved to do!
Birth is so powerful, so intense, so beautiful and so raw. To tell the whole story with photos and to give parents this memory of an amazing moment is the most rewarding job in the world.
Receiving an honorable mention in 2014 from the photo competition and her photos “how does your baby fit in the womb” HTTP://FERMONTFOTOGRAFIE.NL/EN/BABY-FIT-INSIDE-WOMB
and “the birth of the head” HTTP://FERMONTFOTOGRAFIE.NL/EN/THE-BIRTH-OF-THE-HEAD went viral.
Her work has been published in many Dutch magazines and newspapers and has been shown on television in the Netherlands as well as in Belgium and Germany.

Since 2012 Marry has been teaching birth photography workshops. She believes that it’s not only about knowing how to take a good picture, there is so much more to it. Being a birth photographer is not only a profession, it’s a lifestyle.
In July 2015 Marry became a mom herself to her daughter Liv who was born on the 6th of July and of course she had the birth documented.

DEMO – 1:30 SAT 6th AUG

During the demo class we will go over the period right after the baby is born. The checks from the midwife or doctor, the first time the dad holds the baby, visitors. Everything that happens the first few hours after birth.

KEYNOTE – 1:30 SUN 7th AUG

In my class we will go over different types of birth, water births, home births, hospital births and c-sections. We will discuss what you can document in different situations and how you can approach staff, midwives and doctors to make sure you can get the photo you like, without disturbing them.

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