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Kathleen Vergara (Kath) is a Melbourne-based award winning newborn and baby photographer. Her photography business was launched in 2012, after her daughter Piper was born. Kath wanted to capture these fleeting moments of her daughter’s childhood and as time passed, Kath found her passion (and her hidden talent) in taking beautiful newborn and baby portraits.

Over the past 3 years, Kath has become known for her breath taking 6-12 months baby portraits, with her incredible way of connecting & engaging with this genre. Her fanciful yetplayful quality allows her to bring out the magic of a baby’s personality. She is a master of using colourful, delicate and one of kind props to enhance the image without overpowering the baby’s natural beauty.

From bonnets to baby blues, to the vibrant and texturally rich style, along with Kath’s beautiful ethereal imagery, Kath is guaranteed to capture and create memories to last a lifetime.


Class Description – 3:30 SAT 6th AUG & 3:30 SUN 7th AUG

With a great passion for baby photography, Kath V. will demonstrate how to interact and engage with babies between the ages of 6 to 12 months. Kath will discuss how to make their personality shine to ensure you capture the best (and many) images all in one go!